Volunteering Opportunity

Volunteers provide expertise and new ideas that the Buea School for the Deaf (BSD) welcomes.
BSD is currently in need of individuals with experience in teaching and in computers, however volunteers with other skills are appreciated.

Most volunteers' main focus is teaching, while other projects or work are often taken up. (i.e. starting after school clubs, workshops for the teachers and staff, website maintenance, etc..) Some example are given in our Volunteers Section below. If you'd like to hear directly from our volunteers please feel free to e-mail them.

To date BSD has welcomed and hosted volunteers from many countries including the United States, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Cameroon.

If you are an interested volunteer you should contact the school at beauschdeaf@yahoo.com with questions.

Before making any decisions you should think about the type of volunteer experience that interests you and consider some of the following factors:

  • What types of projects would you like to work on? (Education? Fundraising?)
  • What level of supervision/guidance do you expect?
  • How long are you prepared to volunteer for?

While shorter durations can be discussed, it is generally preferred that volunteers stay at least 3 months, especially if there is a need for sign language training.

How to Apply

Cameroon VISA
An entry VISA for Cameroon is required for most countries. Please allow for up to 2 weeks for VISA processing. It is also advisable to confirm the VISA requirements with the Embassy or High Commission prior to applying to ensure there are no problems with your application. Often the requirements will be located on the website of the Embassy or High Commission in your country.

The basic VISA requirements are:

  • Passport
  • Visa Application
  • Applicant Fee
  • Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination
  • Certified Invitation Letter

The Certified Invitation Letter is sent to the Volunteer via email upon confirmation between BSD or Friends of BSD and the volunteer of the intended stay. Because of the certification process, this can take a few days, depending on the urgency.




Hailey teaching some students to count


Aya with her class 2 students


Joshua running a computer workshop over the weekend


Primary students smothering Nora


Nora Br├Ącklein
Nora is a hearing volunteer through the German organisation GIZ. Nora came to BSD because of a desire to work in special education and learned cameroonian sign language through classes after arriving. She's working as a vocational teacher and interpreter for one year duration. If you would like to hear about her experience you can contact her at noretta@hotmail.de


Joshua Whitener
Joshua is an independent hearing Volunteer from the U.S. He came right out of university and has been with the school for a year and a half. He has done work with administrative assistance, ICT teaching, and website upkeep. If you would like to hear about his experience you can contact him at joshuawhitener64@gmail.com


Hailey Fox
Hailey is a hearing volunteer through the United States Peace Corps. Like many volunteers she came with no prior knowledge of sign language or deaf education but learned quickly at BSD. Her volunteering period has been two years. She has been an indespensible English teacher, fund raiser and interpreter for BSD. If you would like to hear about her experience you can contact her at hfoxpccam@gmail.com


Cameron Moseley
Cameron is an independent hearing volunteer from Canada. Originally in Buea working with another organization, he fell in love with BSD and began working as an administrative assistant and ICT teacher. If you would like to hear about his experience you can contact him at cmoseley@gmail.com


Aya Kremp
Aya is an independent deaf volunteer from Germany. With her experience as a teacher at a deaf school in Berlin, Aya has been an asset to BSD. She has returned to BSD to teach on two seperate occasions. If you would like to hear about her experience you can contact her at aya.kremp@yahoo.de


Buea School for the Deaf
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