Since opening it's doors, Buea School for the Deaf has recieved many generous donations and support from various organizations, schools, and individuals.

Below are some of the individuals and organizations that have contributed to our success in the last couple years.

Please visit our archives if you would like to see all the donors of years past.






  • Jacob & Ann Bibum-Kona & friends, USA
  • Hans Boenish, USA
  • Goedele de Clerck, Belgium
  • Ted & Diane Johnson (Handsel), USA
  • Dr. I.K. Jordan & Linda Jordan, USA
  • Malcolm Macleod (Johnson Scholarship), USA
  • Bob & Sue Mathers & friends, USA
  • Cliona Martyn, √Čire
  • Aya Kremp, Family & friends, Germany
  • Treana Peake (Obakki), Canada
  • Catherine O'Connor & friends, UK
  • Thomas Orock (UAC), Cameroon
  • Charles Regan (Poulsbo Rotary), USA
  • Peggy Volksdorf McCoy, family & friends, USA
  • Dr. Beatrice Wamey (Nascent Solutions), USA
  • Chief of Wokoko & Wokoko Community, Cameroon

Buea School for the Deaf
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