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Obakki Foundation Visit

It has been a busy week: First, a visit by AES - Sonel (Cameroon's electric company) to discuss connecting the school and assess the school's general need for electricity. The representative sounded optimistic, but we are yet to have a scheduled connection date.

Second, BSD finally has access to running water! The water tank, borehole and outdoor tap were all connected. We are very excited to have clean, running water at the school! The next step will be finding funds to connect toilets, indoor taps, showers etc. (to see more pictures click here)

Finally, at the end of the week we received a visit from Treana Peake and friends of the Obakki Foundation. In May of 2010, the Obakki Foundation made a large donation to help kick off construction of BSD's classroom blocks. BSD offered a warm welcome so that some of our primary donors would have the chance to observe how much the school has grown in one year. There are now two classroom blocks and a dormitory/library block. (See more pictures here)

The Obakki Foundation has a blog about the work they have been doing around Cameroon, including BSD. We encourage you to visit the website at Their blog includes a video showing Treana's announcement to help fund BSD's building project last May. To view the blog and video concerning BSD, click here.

9th March 2011 | Water Drilling Commences

The borehole machinery came in on the 9th of March to begin drilling for water. Within one week the engineers successfully found water with only some minor difficulties with volcanic stones. The school is overjoyed at the prospect of a running tap very soon as students are currently required to trek about 2 km daily for water. All that remains is the construction and connection of the 5000 litre tank to hold the water. Standing costs estimate for the project is 8,640,000 CFA (US$18,700), and B.S.D. is actively searching for financial assistance to successfully complete the project. For those interested in contributing, see the Donations Section. Thank you!

11th Feb. 2011 | National Youth Day

National Youth Day is February 11th in Cameroon. All students and staff dressed up and went to Buea proper for the march past/parade. Primary students marched with staff while the College section students marched on their own. While marching we were happy to see the Governor of the South West and other spectators wave their hands in the air as appropriate applause for the deaf. After marching, students and staff were each given large refreshments in honour of the day..

To view some great pictures of the day: Click Here

January 2011 | Young Dispora Engaged Donate to BSD!

A significant and unanticipated donation of one million francs was made to Buea School for the Deaf by the Young Diaspora Engaged, a newly formed network of motivated young Cameroonians studying in the United States, Britain, Canada and Cameroon. These conscientious young people decided they could not come home for the Christmas holiday empty-handed. They collaborated with friends and family to coordinate a dance event that combined food, drink and ticket sales and also utilised their connections in Cameroon and the USA to raise two million francs that were shared between Buea School for the Deaf and a Sickle Cell Disease organisation, Drepano-Solidaire of Yaounde. It is incredibly encouraging to have received such a donation from a Cameroonian organization, especially one with such youthful constituents.

3rd Dec. 2010 | Celebration for World Disabled Day

3rd December is an international holiday for disabled people worldwide. In 2010 the Ministry of Social Affairs brought a variety of specialized schools together for a ceremony in honour of the opening of a new rehabilitation center near Mile 14 (just outside Buea proper). BSD's College students attended the ceremony with teachers, Mrs. Ruth Bakia, Mr. Teke Elias, Mr. Joshua Whitener, and Ms. Hailey Fox. Students and teachers can be seen above with the South West Region's Delegate for Social Affairs, HRH Foreke Asongtia Valentine.

To view more pictures of the day: Click Here

6th of Oct. 2010 | The Delegates Visit

Shortly after the new school grounds became accessible HRH Foreke Asongtia Valentine, the Delegate of Social Affairs for the South West Region, came to observe the school’s development. He was given a tour of the school grounds and viewed projected building plans. The Delegate congratulated the school and reassured them of his continuing support. The Delegate is seen with Ms. Gloria Okumo, Coordinator of BSD’s College programmes.

To view more pictures of the day: Click Here

20th Sept. 2010 | Blessing of the New Campus


Following the official completion of the initial building block of three classrooms, the Buea School for the Deaf's new campus was blessed by the Parish Priest of Muea, Rev. Fr. Solomon Kollo, classroom by classroom. The photographs depict staff and students congregating before the priest and other members of BSD administration. The ceremony was followed with the installation of desks in classrooms.

To view more pictures of the day: Click Here

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